Financial analysis and controlling

Managing a company requires up-to-date information about the results and financial situation. Financial analysis provides detailed information and very often is the basis to make key decisions in a company. It is also widely used by cooperating entities such as banks, investors, business partners and auditors.

The result of work done by accounting departments is a number of financial data, which are presented in financial reports and statistical sheets. The key to success is to implement an optimal development strategy for a company or diversification of the existing strategy.

For analyzing, Noblesse tax bureau uses modern analytical methods such as:

  • ratio analysis (profitability rate, liquidity ratio, asset management efficiency ratio, gearing ratio)
  • break-Even Point analysis,
  • DuPont analysis,
  • sensitivity analysis,
  • investment efficiency assessment ratio

Every decision made in a company should be based on solid fundaments. One of them is the result of financial analysis, reflecting assets and finances of a given entity. Noblesse accounting office offers help with assessing the results of business decisions made so far, which had a direct influence on the current financial situation of the company.

Within the scope of financial controlling, Noblesse performs the analysis of the company’s business activities and identification of the key processes happening in the company. Next, we prepare monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors.

The financial controlling service includes especially:

  • planning annual company budget
  • preparing monthly financial reports and reports on budget execution
  • monitoring vital indexes of business activity (ratio analysis)
  • preparing monthly forecasts and cash flow reports, taking planned expenses and investments into consideration
  • preparing monthly analytical reports concerning budget execution and deviations from budget execution
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