Tax advisory

Ongoing tax advisory offered by our office form Poznan consists in constant support for entrepreneurs with everyday tax issues

Tax proceedings

You are running Your business in Poznan and You already know that a tax proceeding or tax inspection is ahead of You?

Bookkeeping services in Poznan

You run a company and You want to have Your books thoroughly checked? 

Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego i Rachunkowości w Poznaniu

If You start a cooperation with Noblesse Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego i Rachunkowości, You can be sure that only optimal accounting and tax solutions will be used, giving You peace of mind and possibility to concentrate on other areas, key to raising the value of Your company. We provide comprehensive services for economic entities in the area of tax advisory, accounting, HR and payroll. We cooperate both with large companies and smaller business and private persons, who want to set up a business or have just founded a new one and need support in the area of choosing the optimal legal frame of their company, form of taxation or in the scope of comprehensive accounting, HR and payroll services.

The portfolio of our clients contains a few hundreds commercial entities from different sectors, such as: limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships, limited liability companies, registered partnerships, professional partnerships, as well as individual businesses. We also provide services for many entities with foreign capital: from Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia. If You want to use our services – call us 61 842 68 40/41, write an email: or contact us using the contact form. We will gladly hear Your expectations, answer Your questions and give .

One of our key goals is the constant development of provided services, as well as consistent, gradual improvement of communication with our clients. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, lately we’ve modernized our IT infrastructure by implementing SaleoSMART – an innovative tool, which offers quick and convenient communication with the accounting office. On our homepage,, in the Customer zone, You can find a log in panel to the application. Apart from that, we make available an innovative invoice issuing program, Comarch ERP XT, for free. . The priority of our actions is to achieve the state where our clients are guaranteed effective and flexible communication with the accounting office..

Or perhaps You are planning to optimize Your existing business?

Tell us Your plans, and our team of experts will advise You as to which frame of business to choose and which form of taxation will be best for You. We always care about the wellbeing and success of our clients !

  • Legal frame – You can conduct business as one-man entrepreneur liable for the company’s debts with his or her assets, set up a partnership, or found a corporation. We offer comprehensive accounting services for all available frames of business. If You decide to use our services, accounting and complicated settlements and tax provisions will become simple and clear to You – we will deal with comprehensive management of Your books and You will be able to fully focus on the essence of Your business operations, which will result in the rapid development of Your company.
  • Form of taxation – depending on the legal frame, offered services, sector and scale of Your business, You can choose among different forms of taxation. If You make the decision about the suitable form of taxation early enough, You can gain a lot and save funds for further development and investments..
  • Capital investment – which is more beneficial for You? Large initial capital and owning tangible assets, granting a loan to Your company, or renting private pieces of property? Of course, it depends on the character of Your business. If you choose wisely, it will translate into the profitability of Your business – knowing the specifics of Your activity, we can help You make the decision that will be most optimal in the long run..
  • Business safety – unfavorable provisions in business contracts, an unreliable client, or a sudden tax inspection? Sometimes a short tax consultation can help you avoid it – make an appointment with our tax advisor and don’t take unnecessary risks.




Biuro rachunkowe Poznań

Tax advice for small and large companies

Have you just set up your own business and are looking for tax advisory support? Or maybe you have been operating on the market for several years, but you are not satisfied with the work of your tax advisor? Take advantage of tax advisory and accounting services provided by Noblesse – thanks to us you will avoid problems during a tax audit by carrying out a tax audit in advance. If you already know that a tax audit or tax proceedings have been initiated in your company, you need our support all the more – as an experienced good accounting office offering a wide range of accounting and tax services, we will represent you before tax authorities and courts, and we will prepare the necessary pleadings during the initiated tax audit and tax proceedings.

Biuro rachunkowe Poznań

Tax ledgers and accounting books in good hands – Comprehensive HR and payroll services on the highest level

Do You want to fully focus on the essence of Your business? Choose the services of Noblesse accounting office and give our experts a chance to show their worth. What can You gain?

  • comprehensive, ongoing support in the area of taxes and accounting,
  • timely accounting and tax settlements,
  • diligently prepared tax statements – PIT, CIT, VAT and other,
  • full HR and payroll services – preparation of payrolls, HR documents, management of ZUS settlements,
  • representation before tax authorities,
  • cooperation with financial institutions (banks, lease companies),
  • debt monitoring and vindication

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