HR and payroll

What should we do if we do not want to employ a full-time accountant? It is worth betting on the outsourcing of human resources and payroll for companies in Poznań, which is offered by Noblesse law office. Thanks to us you can save not only money, but also time, because human resources and payroll is a complicated part of running your own business, which requires specialist knowledge. We offer HR and payroll services for companies from Poznań is provided by experienced and qualified specialists.

Biuro rachunkowe Poznań

What does the outsourcing of human resources and payroll services for companies in Poznań include?

What does a human resources manager do in a company? Among other things, she calculates the size of holidays and salaries for individual employees, completes documents, e.g. contracts of employment, and issues certificates of employment. However, creating an additional position requires high financial expenses. How to reduce them? HR and payroll outsourcing makes it possible. It is HR and payroll services for Poznań-based company, which are provided by experts from external companies. Like HR and payroll made by Kancelaria Noblesse – biuro rachunkowe w Poznaniu. What does our support include?

    • managing employee personal documents,,
    • preparing HR documents: contracts of employment, civil law contracts – mandate contracts, contracts for specific job, certificate of employment, annexes to contracts, termination of contracts, documents necessary in the process of employment,


  • issuing employment confirmations and salary certificates,


  • preparing and submitting declarations for the purposes of PFRON,
  • management of National Labor Inspectorate and ZUS inspections,
  • preparing payrolls and pay-slips


  • company’s social fund
  • submitting settlement reports to ZUS,,
  • preparing and submitting documents for the purposes of income tax paid by employees to tax authorities (PIT-11, PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT).


HR and payroll run by a tax office in Poznan – why is it worth it?

Are you wondering , whether outsourcing human resources and payroll will also be profitable for your company in Poznan? As experienced specialists, we assure you that it is worth investing in. Why? Because thanks to it an enterprise:

  • spends his time on development of the main subject of activity,
  • it reduces the risk of making a mistake and paying high fines – the specialists have civil liability insurance, as well as experience and expertise in the field of legal regulations,
  • reduces business costs.

Are you looking for HR and payroll service for small, medium and large companies from Poznań? You should choose professionalism, flexibility, knowledge and experience guaranteed by accountants, economists, tax advisors and auditors from Noblesse. Attractive price list for conducting human resources and payroll is just one of many advantages of working with us. We invite all interested parties to contact us!