A wide variety of services

Noblesse Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego i Rachunkowości offers a wide variety of services in the area of tax advisory, comprehensive accounting services, HR and payroll services, combining the advantages of an accounting office and tax advisory office.

Noblesse office is located in Poznań. However, the office provides its services not only on the local market. We also cooperate with many entities form Poland and abroad: from Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech and Slovakia.

Biuro rachunkowe Poznań

Tax advisory offered by Noblesse tax bureau consists in supporting clients with tax and legal matters by providing explanations in the area of tax law, giving opinions, as well as preparing procedural documents.

The current tax advisory includes especially:

  • advisory in the area of personal and corporate income tax (PIT, CIT),
  • advisory in the area of Value Added Tax (VAT),
  • advisory in the area of other taxes, such as tax on inheritance tax, tax on civil law transactions, forest and agricultural tax, property tax, tax on means of transport,
  • requesting for individual tax interpretations guaranteeing safety when it comes to legal and tax aspects, as well as penal and fiscal liability,
  • representing client before tax authorities and in courts,
  • preparing tax opinions in the area of tax law provisions,
  • advisory in the area of transfer pricing, entity transformations,
  • tax planning – help with preparing and implementing long-term tax policy for the company,
  • informing Clients about changes in tax law that have an influence on their business activity,
  • individual or group trainings in the area of tax law.

Noblesse tax bureau offers services consisting in representing a client in the ongoing proceedings within the scope of tax inspections, proceedings, or verifying procedures. What is more, our tax burau represents clients on all stages of possible appeal procedures and in Provincial Administrative Courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, within the scope of judicial review of administrative decisions (cassation appeals).

Within the scope of the above services, we actively participate in the ongoing proceedings, as representatives and advisors of our clients. We make efforts so that inspecting authorities precisely describe the actual state of matters in the ongoing proceedings, taking into consideration evidence presented by the client, thus limiting freedom of interpretation of the actual state by the controllers. We achieve this through an active dialog with the controllers, preparing explanations and reservations to post-inspection protocols. Moreover, if the decision is unfavorable, we prepare appeals to higher instances and take actions against the decisions of administrative courts.
Having in mind everyone’s right to present their arguments and evidence in the ongoing tax proceeding, we defend clients, whose subjective rights in this respect have been infringed.

The service includes especially:

  • qualitative support and necessary help in case of tax inspections performed by government and local administrative bodies (active representation of the client, preparing procedural documents)

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Within the scope of comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services, our office guarantees reliable and continuous services in areas such as:

  • keeping accounting ledgers
  • keeping the revenue and expense ledger
  • keeping evidence of recorded revenue tax
  • tax reporting services,
  • GUS, NBP, etc. reporting services.
  • preparing annual tax reconciliations
  • preparing chart of accounts and accounting policy
  • preparing annual financial reports and necessary documentation to the National Court Register,
  • representation before tax authorities

The aim of a tax audit is to verify the correctness of Client’s tax settlements and pointing out possible areas of risk, as well as opportunities to lower the tax burden, operating within current provisions of tax law. Tax audit service consists in periodic inspection whether economic events have been categorized in accordance with the tax law, and whether tax base and subject have been correctly determined.

Using this service, a given entity gains knowledge about possible errors and areas of risk, gains time necessary to take appropriate correcting actions, and as a result, avoiding legal liability and penalties associated with it.

Tax audit includes especially:

  • verification whether tax revenue and tax deductible expenses have been correctly recognized,
  • verification whether intra-Community transactions have been correctly accounted,
  • verification whether transactions between affiliated entities have been correctly accounted,
  • verification whether tax statements have been correctly prepared.
  • managing employee personal documents,
  • preparing HR documents: contracts of employment, civil law contracts – mandate contracts, contracts for specific job, certificate of employment, annexes to contracts, termination of contracts, documents necessary in the process of employment,
  • issuing employment confirmations and salary certificates,
  • preparing and submitting declarations for the purposes of PFRON
  • management of National Labor Inspectorate and ZUS inspections,
  • preparing payrolls and pay-slips,
  • company’s social fund,
  • submitting settlement reports to ZUS,
  • preparing and submitting documents for the purposes of income tax paid by employees to tax authorities (PIT-11, PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT).