About US

The NOBLESSE Group The tax office is a family business, a proposition on the Polish market since 2008. The head office of the law firm is located in Poznań, the company also has a branch in Warsaw.

We were the founders, successors and partners, they formed a group of several dozen specialist consultants and experts every day taking care of the standard of services and satisfaction


In our daily work, we help family businesses, foundations and associations, entities from the SME sector, and thus the association of a large enterprise, a community of international capital groups, successively extending the scope of our experience and opportunities that are used to determine development.

We are proud to be proud of our relationship with customers, with our service for over 10 years. These are Polish and foreign companies that support our branch in Poznań and Warsaw. We value another achievement, a new reference, to finish with the next subsequent expenditures, imposed new market challenges, imposed and new contexts.

Our team of certified accountants with many years of experience, economists, tax advisers and statutory auditors. A well-coordinated, reliable team of specialists provides efficient and effective service to our clients, who can always count on honesty, honesty and professionalism. Competences include state certificates, in the lists of Gift Advisors and certificates that may have the scope of entries in the field of service bookkeeping books. Noblesse Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego i Rachununkowe offers a wide range of services in the field of tax services, accounting and HR and payroll services, registration links and tax offices.

Warszawa Podatek


Economist, tax advisor, entry no. 10911, authorization of the Minister of Finance to keep accounting books no. 23146/01.

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznań – completed specialties: finance and accounting, as well as management and marketing. They also completed postgraduate studies: MBA – Poznań Atlanta at Georgia State University and Poznań University of Economics.

Professional experience also advises in production companies, various services, consulting and advisory consultations, in the same tax company ISP i Wspólnicy sp. Zoo.

As a tax advisor and certified main ledger, he has gained twenty-twenty years of experience under which the client is authorized to conduct business and conduct business under national and international laws. He represents clients in audit and control proceedings before tax authorities of all administrations and before the court. Author and co-author of books and articles in the field of tax law, solved problems. Leads in the field of tax law. He participates in many tax audit projects for large enterprises.

As the founder of the tax offices in Poznań, NOBLESSE Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego i Rachununkowe from 2008 to the present day, which deals with advisory on taxation, a service method of doing business as well as capital and capital for small, medium and large capitals with Polish and international capital of various types industries. It has a set of references that have been held by companies that provided services to clients of accounting services – services and several tax services.

Podatek poznań


Many years of tax practitioner and manager of accounting teams.

A graduate of MA studies at the WSB University in Poznań in the field of Accounting and Corporate Finance as well as post-graduate studies in taxes at the Poznań University of Economics. He has an accounting certificate of the Ministry of Finance entitling him to provide bookkeeping services, obtained on the basis of a passed state examination.

She completed numerous courses and trainings in the field of accounting and taxes. She has been working in the profession of accountant and tax expert for over 20 years, including 15 years in managerial positions in reputable accounting offices. He has many years of experience in keeping accounting books, preparing financial statements, and cooperating with statutory auditors. All audits of financial statements were completed with the opinions obtained without any reservations.

From 2012 until now, she has been associated with NOBLESSE Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowy, where she holds the position of the Accounting Office Director and the Accounting Department and supervises the work of a team of accounting and tax specialists.

Podatek poznań
Poznań podatek


Many years of practice and manager of the HR and payroll department with over twenty years of experience.

A graduate of master’s studies at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań in the field of Mathematics – specialization in applied mathematics and Postgraduate Studies in accounting and finance at the University

Economics in Poznań. She completed numerous courses and trainings in the field of HR and payroll, labor law, and the social security system.

Experienced practitioner with many years of work experience in the HR and payroll department, dealing with issues related to labor law, remuneration and social security law on a daily basis.

An expert in HR and payroll and HR matters, who has built her experience working in Polish and international companies as the main advisor.
He has expert knowledge in the area of ​​human resources administration, the process of calculating remuneration, reporting and creating dedicated solutions in the field of collective labor law. Currently focused on the optimization of HR processes.

From 2011 until now, she has been associated with NOBLESSE Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego, where she holds the position of HR and Payroll Director and supervises the work of a team of HR and payroll specialists.

Warszawa Podatki


CEO with over 20 years of managerial experience.

He has professional experience in the field of management gained mainly in the financial, IT, production and commercial sectors. He gained experience in international companies and corporations, where he was responsible for the development of individual departments.

As the owner of the company, he outsourced IT services to banks throughout the country.

For 10 years he was responsible for the creation, management and development in an international production and trade company.

Currently, in Noblesse, the tax advisory office performs the function of the General Director coordinating the work of the following departments: accounting, HR and payroll, organization and management, marketing and IT.

In his work, he focuses on building and maintaining long-term, strategic relationships with existing and new clients.
In addition, it engages in the improvement and automation of processes, maximizing benefits for the customers served.