Tax audit

Being an entrepreneur from Poznan, You are afraid of errors and liability associated to tax settlements? Choose a tax audit for companies, performed by specialists from Noblesse office. What is such a comprehensive financial review? It’s a verification of documents and transactions made by a given entrepreneur. It’s aim is to verify whether client’s tax settlements are done correctly, and to point out possible risks and opportunities to lower the amount of the tax burden.

What is verified during a tax audit?

  • Value Added Tax – VAT
  • personal and corporate income tax – PIT, CIT
  • property tax
  • tax on civil law transactions
  • individual financial transactions important to an entrepreneur
  • bought and sold goods or services
Audyt podatkowy Poznań

What actions does the financial and tax audit include?

  • verification whether tax revenue and tax deductible expenses have been correctly recognized
  • verification whether intra-Community transactions have been correctly accounted,
  • verification whether  transactions between affiliated entities have been correctly accounted,
  • verification whether tax statements have been correctly prepared.

How often a financial audit should be performed?

To be sure that as an entrepreneur You act in accordance with the law, a financial audit should be performed regularly – depending on the type and number of business operations in a given entity. Within the scope of a tax audit, a qualified expert auditor and tax advisor from Poznan will verify whether tax base, subject and rate have been correctly determined. What will a client of Noblesse office gain with it?

  • knowledge about possible errors made and possibility to avoid them in the future
  • time to take actions eliminating mistakes and faults
  • chance to avoid legal liability and associated sanctions, such as financial penalties

Individual price of a tax audit

Bookkeeping, accounting and tax advisory for companies is our specialty. The price of a tax audit is tailored to the profile and scope of client’s business activity, and it depends on the number and type of performed transactions or settlements with the Tax Office. Our aim is to provide professional support to entrepreneurs, because we are aware of the importance of tax optimization in business.