Tax proceedings

You are running Your business in Poznan and You already know that a tax proceeding or tax inspection is ahead of You? If so, invest in tax advisory offered by Noblesse office, which will represent You before tax authorities. All this so that during the inspection or proceedings, You know Your rights and know what You can expect.

Tax proceedings – what is it?

A tax proceeding is a procedure performed by a Tax Office in order to determine the amount of tax due of a given company. It’s good to know that if a proceeding has already begun, then tax authorities have probably discovered some inconsistencies during a tax inspection, and they want to clarify the actual state.

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Stages of tax proceedings

ax proceedings can be divided into several stages:

  • commencing the procedure on request or ex officio
  • production of evidence, explanatory proceeding in which You have the right to actively participate as an entrepreneur
  • determining  the amount of tax due
  • making the decision
  • possible appeal procedure

The actual tax advisory includes especially: :

  • preparing tax opinions – in the area of tax law provisions
  • advisory in the area of transfer pricing, entity transformations – dividing and merging companies is no problem to us
  • planning – help with preparing and implementing long-term tax policy of the company
  • informing Clients about changes in tax law – that have an influence on their business activity
  • individual or group trainings – in the area of tax law
  • tax optimization – for companies
  • tax inspection and tax proceedings, in which we will represent You

The course of tax proceedings

The stage of producing evidence, as the first stage of a tax proceeding, is to establish the actual state of affairs. If during a tax inspection, tax authorities suspect there are some inconsistencies, they have to verify them. As tax payers, we should remember that tax authorities have to abide by strict rules of tax proceedings. This is why we can take active part in the proceedings – submit evidence motions to prepare opinion by an expert witness, produce evidence from document inspection or interview a witness. Once the actual state of affairs has been determined, tax authority determines the amount of tax due in the form of a decision.

Tax proceedings – how can Noblesse office from Poznan help You?

You don’t have time or the heart to take an active part in the tax inspection performed in Your company? You lack expert knowledge in the area of tax law, or permissions, which You can use during a tax proceeding supervised by tax officers in Poznan? If You’ve answered any of these questions affirmatively, then it means You need the support of a tax advisor from Noblesse office. We can represent entrepreneurs in administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as during a tax inspection or proceedings..

What can You gain if you decide to cooperate with us?

  • qualitative support and necessary help in case of tax inspections performed by government and local administrative bodies
  • limited freedom of interpretation of the actual state by persons performing the inspection
  • confidence that Your rights won’t be violated
  • relief when it comes to preparing documents during a tax inspection or tax proceeding, as well as appeals and complaints to the administrative court
  • formulating reservations to post-inspection reports by an experienced representant

We are flexible, this is why our price list is settled individually, taking into account the scope of works offered to a given client. With professionalism and knowledge in the area of bookkeeping, accounting, finances and taxes, we are able to effectively help entrepreneurs from Poznan and its neighborhood, but also from distant cities in our country. You need support with tax proceeding or tax inspection? Or perhaps you want to avoid them by performing a tax audit? Contact us.